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Abhishek Puri

Associate Partner

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New Delhi



Banking and Finance


General Corporate

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Labour and Employment

Banks and Financial Institutions

Oil and Gas

Projects and Infrastructure

Government and Regulatory

Abhishek Puri is a Partner at TLP. Abhishek has years of experience as an Advocate based out of New Delhi. Over the years, Abhishek has represented a plethora of high profile clients before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and various High Courts across India. He has also appeared before various judicial and quasi-judicial forums in Delhi, in matters pertaining to constitutional law, commercial and corporate disputes, civil law, white collar crimes as well as ancillary proceedings related to arbitration matters.

Abhishek has the unique advantage of having worked directly with some of India’s most reputed and talented Senior Advocates, such as Mr. Neeraj Kishan Kaul, Mr. Joseph Vellapally and Mr. Dhruv Mehta. This experience has helped Abhishek carve out innovative litigation strategies for the benefit of his clients, as well as to ensure that they receive the most apt advice for their unique queries and grievances.

As an expert in Constitutional Law, Abhishek has frequently approached the Supreme Court for his clients for the determination of challenging issues such as those in relation to the fundamental rights; constitutional rights; repugnancy of laws enacted under the concurrent list; powers of various constitutional functionaries and the right to property, among others.

Abhishek has steadily built his Corporate and Commercial Disputes practice and earlier had frequently represented his clients before the Company Court, Company Law Board, COMPAT, AAIFR and BIFR (under the Sick Industrial Companies Act). He now regularly appears before CCI, NGT, NCLAT, NCLT, Mines Tribunal and other relevant forums. He has also extensively appeared before both the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court, in varied proceedings, including those arising out of the SARFESI and RDBFI Act. In addition, Abhishek has represented various corporations and individuals in Arbitration proceedings arising out of contractual disputes.

Apart from dispute resolution, he is often called upon by his clients to provide opinions on multiple non-litigious matters including documents pertaining to financial closure, agreements and contracts, mergers and acquisitions, amongst other commercial and non-commercial issues.

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