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Private Client Practice


Our private client team provides services including the structuring and documentation of options such as international wills, trusts, gifts, charitable foundations as well as related advisory work. Some indicative areas of focus are as below:


  • Incentive structuring: Structuring of carried interest, earn outs, promoter holdings in offshore and onshore companies (listed and unlisted) from an Indian legal and tax perspective.

  • Migration by HNIs: Wealth planning issues pertaining to reverse migration of Indian-origin persons from other countries, including the US and UK.

  • High value offshore investments by Indian resident individuals: Structuring high-value offshore investments made by Indian HNIs to be compliant with the restrictions in Indian laws on exchange control and taxation.

  • Wills: Drafting, challenge to and enforceability of wills for the bequeathal of Indian assets including consideration of the domicile of the testator for cross-border bequeathal, impact on the will of community specific succession laws as well as probate proceedings including resealing of a foreign probate.

  • Lifetime and testamentary trusts: Setting up of trusts for asset protection, succession planning, care of dependents and lifetime gifts/distributions, particularly where objectives relate to assets across multiple jurisdictions/asset classes, or whether the proposed beneficiaries include future generations or beneficiaries situated in different parts of the world.

  • Issues requiring a reconciliation of Indian and non-Indian laws: For example, advice on the classification of Indian Hindu Undivided Families from a US trust law perspective or foundations from an Indian succession law perspective.

Business Families

  • Multi-jurisdiction succession planning: Assisting business families with succession planning structures that: (a) allow inclusion of family members situated across jurisdictions (b) provide allocations for investment into future businesses set up by family members; (c) allow flexibility for the economic and guardianship needs of dependent family members; and (d) contain checks and balances for the preservation of value of underlying assets.

  • Philanthropy: Structures that enable cross border family philanthropy including the preparation of trust funding arrangements that enable grants to charities, advice on a suitable vehicle for charity, Indian regulations pertaining to foreign charitable contributions.

Other Services

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